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Keypad Function

Function comparision

  Basic Edition Basic Edition Utility version Angle version Bluetooth version
Product model S30 S45 S70 S100A S100B
Measurement range 0.05-30m 0.05-45m 0.05-70m 0.05-100m 0.05-100m
Measurement accuracy ±2mm ±2mm ±2mm ±2mm ±2mm
Angle precision       ±0.2°  
Angle range       0-360°level  
Bluetooth × × × ×
Bluetooth 4.0
Measuring speed
(continuous measurement)
6-10 Times/SEC. 6-10 Times/SEC. 6-10 Times/SEC. 6-10 Times/SEC. 6-10 Times/SEC.
Battery 2×AAA 2×AAA 2×AAA 2×AAA 2×AAA
Temperature range
for operation
0℃~40℃ 0℃~40℃ 0℃~40℃ 0℃~40℃ 0℃~40℃
Protection against
splashes and dus
IP54 IP54 IP54 IP54 IP54
Weight(without battery) 62g 62g 62g 63g 63g
Dimensions(mm) 120×37×20mm 120×37×20mm 120×37×20mm 120×37×20mm 120×37×20mm
Units m/in/ft/inft/ruler m/in/ft/inft/ruler m/in/ft/inft/ruler m/in/ft/inft/ruler m/in/ft/inft/ruler
After-sales service 1year free warranty 1year free warranty 1year free warranty 1year free warranty 1year free warranty

Basic function

Clear off button
Max/Min value
Extended film
Screen rotation Auto
Square area
Square volume
Data Storage Statical 10 groups Statical  10 groups Statical  10 groups Statical  10 groups Statical  10 groups
Beep show

Professional function

Triangle area    
Spray area    
Cylindrical area    
Indirect measurement
(Horizontal / vertical / ceiling)
Indirect measurement
(vertical 2)
Pythagoras measurement
(3 function)
Error adjust    
Angle show        

  • Use a target plate please under the condition of daylight or target reflection is not good
  • In favorable working environment measurement error is about 1.5mm, if the working environment is not ideal (strong sunlight, temperature difference is too large, or the measured object surface reflection larger) in the maximum range of equipment error will be increase


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