Concept and purpose

Since the company founder, the company has been adhering to the "technology based on the market, service to win the trust " business philosophy, as always, in a "simple, practical and efficient" development of the design concept, the design of the more advanced features and higher productivity equipment, providing customers with the most useful products and the best service. We are willing to do long-term customers, cooperation, partnership-based customer success is our own success, "through thick and thin, win-win cooperation" is our company will provide long-term technical support services for the purpose. From our perspectives: Service is a culture, not only on behalf of a system, program, should be integrated into the corporate culture, accept and practice for all employees.
Services from the user's needs. We continue to provide users with high quality, efficient service and increase service through paid service self-supporting mechanism, improve service quality, content and services while seeking ways of improving services, so that they derive the best benefits.
We provide standardization, specialization, diversification of products and services to users. Standardization of services on behalf of norms, and professional quality of service representative, on behalf of diversified services, technology products represent different quality of service and value, user  satisfaction, as measured.

Service Content

1. laser distance meter warranty service
2. Provided for laser distance meter (batteries not included), and other products provide one year free warranty (artificial damage
3. All product lifetime free upgrade service.
4. Ensure long-term supply of various accessories
5. All users in the future use of the problem among all produced within 24 hours to respond and solve.Note:Due to an accident or disassemble cause damage to the instrument, do not enjoy the above offers.

Technical Advisory Services

The company employs professional consultants, ready to resolve various technical issues users.