with digital laser range finder sighting system, measuring the height of the trolley wire, precise positioning of the laser spot, safe, accurate and fast measurements.
Traffic scene investigation
use the laser distance meter sighting aiming, you can easily aim at the target and measure braking distance, the distance was scattered between the like; practical, simple, does not destroy the scene, greatly improve operational efficiency
Building measure (such as building height): Distance from the laser distance measuring instrument indirect comment function only measured once, building height will be calculated automatically.
Use Dobiy laser distance meter to meausre area, accurate and efficient error-free, then do not need a calculator
Laser distance meter can quickly measure the height of the building and the height of the window at the fire scene, time is  the urgent moments of life, the implementation of reliable, fast and accurate measurement
Property inspection
use the laser distance meter of dobiy,accurate measurement of the actual housing area, accurate fast, simple and convenient